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through indiana at 175 miles per hour. this as a 2-year-old girl is found alone in a field. the only survivor in her family. a young symbol of hope against a backdrop of destruction and despair. >>> murder mystery. a handyman is arrested in connection with the death of a wealthy detroit woman. but while he's confessed to having a role in the crime, he says he did not work alone. >>> and i sincerely apologize. in a surprising show of remorse, radio host rush limbaugh apologizes for his remarks against a georgetown law student. what may have brought about his change of heart? we'll get some insight "today," change of heart? we'll get some insight "today," sunday, march 4th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, and welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt in henryville, indiana. >> and i'm jenna wolfe, along with carl quintanilla inside studio 1a. so here's the latest now on the storm aftermath. 37 people are confirmed dead, including 20 in kentucky, 12 in indiana, and 3 in ohio. >> national weather service says the four twisters to hit ke
and faculity were mereddered at -- murdered at virginia teem tech. >>> and a live report from indiana. this morning communities from five different states begin the long painful process of rebuilding after a weekend and a rash of devastating tornadoes. >>> and all is wideet here at home but -- quiet here at home but there's a chance for snow in the forecast. details coming up. >> reporter: an accident on the east side of the beltway and delays on the west side and, of course, we will check all of our other roadways and let you know about that monday morning drivewhen we return. ♪ let me get [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts. >>> monday morning this is the abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's say hello, to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. we are dealing with the fact we have some sunshine ou
advisory as well. to our west, unbelievable tornado damage reported out in southern indiana several towns, the early reports of extensive damage. those are the tornadic storm cells, weakening now as they cross from the kentucky, that weather maker headed our way. evening 50s with rain moving in. back to you. >>> peop across the country are alert for a more severe weather. three people died in indiana because of the storms. it's caused thousands of dollars in damage and many problems , the forecast is calling for more of the same over the weekend. tj winnick has more from one of the hardest hit areas in tennessee. >> reporter: severe weather is spinning off more tornados in the deep south, reported twister touched down in northern alabama, in the same area where outbreak of tornados last april left be hundred people dead. forecasters say there is more to come, 13 people across 7 states have lost their lives to a total of 33 confirmed twisters. this wave of severe weather is the result of two fronts colliding. cold air in the north and warm air from the south, with a jet stream in between.
to deal with when the two airlines officially became one. >>> and just ahead, arrival from indiana the sight of -- shall site of one of the deadliest tornadoes. we will take you there when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday march 5th. 3q i can't let allergies stop me from the leading the way. so, i get claritin clear. alright, let's move on team ! claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms. and only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. whoa ! watch your step ! i couldn't do this without you ! don't let allergies hold you back. live claritin clear with non-drowsy claritin. >>> tomorrow is super tuesday and voters may be getting phone calls from the very familiar voice. barbara bush roord robo call for mitt romney used in ohio and vermont. on the call she says shah tha she and her family have known the romneys for years and she believes that mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years. rick santorum says mitt romney has been unable to close the deal with voters. and that would spell trouble for repub
in that area sent several people to the hospital. >> officials in clark county, indiana say one town is completely gone. so far no deaths have been reported from today's weather. it comes as some residents are still cleaning up from the storm system that killed 13 people earlier this week. >> and that same storm system is bringing rain to the washington area. >> it could bring us some thunderstorms. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is on top of it in storm center 4. doug? >> just an update on that. some sad news. we are learning now of fatalities down in indiana, kentucky, and now down into portions of tennessee, too. we'll continue to watch this really devastating scenario play out into that portion of the country. for us it is not going to be that bad. really i don't expect to see any severe weather around our area. here is storm 4 radar showing where the heaviest rain is around washington and over toward the east. we're talking about our anne arundel county, prince george's county, between bowie over toward crofton along route 50 and interstate 97 seeing fairly heavy rain. straig
that stretch from the gulf coast all the way up to the great lakes. this is pekin, indiana, ten miles northwest of louisville, kentucky. the police tell us this tornado caused extensive damage there. this is henryville, indiana, population 1,900. homes and businesses have been platenned. the same thing happened in nearby mariesville. a police officer there says the village is "completely gone. at least three people have been killed in southern indiana. the storms are massive, as we saw in downtown nashville. this is 11 minutes of video that we compressed to show you how the storm hit music city. the emotions of this evening were caught in this picture of one survivor in alabama after he found the one possession that he may have wanted to save the most. there were also reports of tornadoes across northern alabama. one ripped part of the roof off a maximum security prison. mark strassmann is in the town of new market tonight. mark? >> reporter: by mid-morning, scott, this house had been flattened. the good news is no one was home. and you see storm ruin just like this all over this neighborhood.
tornadoes..... ravaging small owws on friday. the death toll, now at 39.most of the eaths in indiana and kentucky.and toniggt.... word tragedy. in indiana, a tornado's path of destruction destroyed trees and homes, emolished henryville high school -- and ripped apart school buses. a news crew captured this tornado as it struck. p water and power has beee restored hhre in henryville... but thousands of people in the midwest and south.... are cleaaing the dark. adams says: ""his is total devastation i've lived here 28 ears i've never seen devastating."young says: "people are helpinggout andd helping their neighbors that's what 've been most strrck by." aerial footage shows across three counties.indiana governor mitch aniels, promising state assistanne.... had a direct message for people who lost everything. daniels says: "we love you.... we are with you. and if t isn't obvious enough... it's not just governmmnt these are your neighbors herr to help." residents in madison countyyalabama, learn the naaional weather service has upgraded the tornado there from an ef 2 t
's some very nice changes coming up in the five-day forecast. >>> meantime the death toll in indiana from friday's tornadoes has risen by one. the toddler found alone in a field after the storm rolled through died wednesday evening. the child's apparentlies and siblings died friday when the -- parents and siblings died when the storm hit. that brings indiana's death toll to 13. kentucky lost the most lives friday, went 1 people. tonight the focus is -- 21 people. tonight the focus is on making sure no other victims are in the rubble. crews are working to make sure communication lines will reopen. >> reporter: from indiana and kentucky through ohio and alabama and georgia homes and businesses were crushed, cars and buses tossed about and roads were left clogged by downed trees and power lines. st. francis xavier church in henryville, indiana, suffered severe damage but still hosted mass for a full house sunday. >> we came over the hill and saw the steeple was still here, so we knew was still here and that to us was a symbol and also a sign of god as people of faith that god is going to ca
reporting from henryville, indiana, a town that was it lutterly devastated by friday's storms. >> i'm amy robach inside studio 1a. here's what we know. 31 dead, 14 in indiana, 14 in kentucky and three in ohio. that number is expected to rise today. authorities say it's difficult to determine how many people are missing as searchers struggle with the lack of electricity in many areas. >> reporter: more than 85 tornados were reported on friday. it was the second time in a week that storms swept across parts of the nation's midsection. ten states were under some kind of weather threat. the hardest hit areas are in southern indiana, kentucky, ohio, tennessee, and northern alabama. now, in terms of size, this storm system was enormous. we watched it building all day. it stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. it was so side that an estimated 34 million people were at risk for severe weather. that's according to the national weather service, amy. >> and, lester, you were just in harrisburg, illinois. and i know you arrived in henryville about an hour ago. can you describe where you ar
communities is imreply unimaginable. in fact, in one town in henryville indiana they say the death toll could rise. they had a number of students that had just been let out of school early. they saw that tornado firsthand. kara joins us live from henryville, indiana with the latest. >> the forecasters were predicting ominous weather that was coming into southeast indiana, but nobody could have foreseen what happened next. we are standing in henryville indiana in front of what used to be henryville high school. it is almost leveled to the ground. there were students inside but they were given proper time to evacuate. about 20 remained in the building, there are no injuries. the image breathtaking. >> it is hard on everybody. everything ask gone. >> the forecast calls for severe weather. what followed early friday evening could not have been predicted. >> didn't really think it was going to happen because tornado warnings come out all the time and it never hits us. >> tornadoes leveled a small farming community. there were more tornadoes in the last 24 hours than in an average month of march. p
people lost their lives in the recent rash of devastating tornados including an indiana toddler found live in a field saturday. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: this morning across tornado alley battered communities are preparing for anything but a normal monday. the message seems a bit obvious like so much here. henryville high school has been torn apart. there are, though, other signs of survival. sunriselight brings the steady rhythm of crews pulling away and piling up what they can. others sifting through the rubble, finding anything they might be able to save, evidence of their lives before the storm. >> she's probably 70 and she lost everything except what we can pull out. >> reporter: more than three dozen families already know they won't find any help or help in this debris. they lost loved ones in this storm. one of those gone, 15-month-old angel babcock. after the storm first responders found the toddler fighting for her life in this field, her mom, dad, and two brothers already dead. yesterday angel passed away after being pulled from life support. her grandfather share
with indiana. >> the small town of henryville was essentially wiped from the map. the only thing left to cling to, each other. now, as they begin to seemingly impossible task of picking up the pieces, many understand that as hard as it may be to believe, it could have been even worse. >> it is a miracle those kids came out alive. >> this is all that is left of the high-school, shredded by the storms. the classrooms likely would have been full. ahead of the tornado, administrators may life-saving decision. a blessing in an area that from the outside looks accursed. the difficult task begins. survivors must work through their grief and pain to make these communities feel like home again. >> such a mess. lowell melser is here to talk about the tornadoes and are forecast. >> it is horrible, and extremely unusual to see this porn addicts activity like this. the height of tornado season is in may. we are seeing the violence storms in the beginning of march. i have some statistics from the national weather service. these are storm reports from yesterday and today. so far, 108 tornadoes, 296 high wind
. french's french fried onions. available in the french's stay-fresh can. >>> the mother from indiana who lost both legs protething her kids -- protecting her kids from a tornado he will now recover at -- will now recover at home. she was released from the hospital when powerful storms ripped through southern indiana she laid on top of her 8 and 5- year-old to save their lives. house fell on top of her but the kids are fine. doctors say she will have prosthetic legs in three months. >> i am going to push down harder and see if we can't get prosthetics cerne because i am ready to get up and walk again. >> she seems like an incredible person. they have a sek home they have been renning out and friend and family remodeled it to make it more wheelchair accessible. >>> what a brave soul and in indiana not dealing with a whole lot. nice and quiet a few clouds streaming in across the area. about a lot of the nation is quiet and we are in that clear skies, so with that temperatures really able to drop off this morning. freezing in aberdeen. 32 before you step out the door aberdeen make sure to bu
covered houses in indiana, kentucky and tennessee are making the cleanup effort more difficult. now we take you to henryville, indiana. you've seen the stories of devastation but nothing as incredible as the story of stephanie decker. jamie cost tell low joins us with the story. >> stephanie lost both of her legs from protecting her children from not one but two tornadoes. this is what's left of the decker home. nothing. after two tornadoes blew through henryville, indiana last friday night, decker moved to protect her 5 and 8-year-old boys, covering them with a blanket to shield the debris, but the wreckage did hit her, almost cutting off both legs. a second twister was headed right for stephanie's family. pinned down by the two children, she covered her two children. >> they were screaming. mommy, i can't live without you. please don't die. >> unable to move the heavy debris, 8-year-old dominic went for help. stephanie survived but both legs were amputated. the boys are okay. jamie costello, abc2 news. >>> the morning starts off with a scare in harford county, a chemical scare sent s
" at 4:30. >>> a little girl who survived after her family was killed in indiana after a deadly tornado has died. she was taken off life support on sunday bringing the death toll to 39 people now. in alabama, the governor toured the damage there. and offered words of support to residents who are cleaning up and rebuilding. >> one of the things that the lord doesn't give us the ability to foresee the future and that's kind of good. we have to be prepared. and it's so nice to see all the wonderful volunteers out here today and i am thankful to see how the people in alabama care about each other. >> a lot of stories to tell you about the storms state tuned for g. and we will have live reports from indiana. >>> that tornado throughout alabama remember the toc cay lose cay -- tuscaloosa tore nato. -- tornado. >> and it's so hard to sea and you have to fill in they have to clean up and we have snow in the areas. so some of the hardest hit areas getting snow like ohio, portions of ohio and west virginia and even back into kentucky and even into indiana this morning. again, you are from severe
. >> new video, deadly tornadoes from the midwest. amazing cell phone video, from indiana. the national weather service says at least 42 tornadoes hit 10 states friday. the storms so far have killed 40 people including 13 in indiana. >>> one more chance of our forecast with lynette. >> it's quiet in indiana this morning. and also close to home, we're nice and dry. as you step out to the bus stop just bundle up the kids, temperatures in the 30s. those winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. but will pick up as we go throughout the day. we'll get that warm surge of air moving in. temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s for today. 63 degrees to be exact. we will have that warm-up starting today. then by tomorrow things are going to get even warmer. for tonight that temperature coming in around 42 degrees. we'll have a few clouds out there, won't be as cold but the reason why is that southwesterly flow is really going to help to warm up the temperatures for this afternoon and also for this evening. by tomorrow, even warmer, so if you like the 63 i'm forecasting for today, 68 and
the tornado uprooted homes in indiana, now under a blanket of snow. homeowners say the snow is soaking belongs they don't have left to save and could take weeks before the power is restored in indiana. that and more on this tuesday morning. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. we will get things started with lynette charles. >>> not a lot going on this morning. we got a couple of snow showers across the area. nothing sticking yesterday, though. the chill continues, temperatures will be below normal again, plenty of sunshine in the forecast and a surge of warm air and then we have rain by the end of the week. today is going to be a calm day. we are nice and dry. we have all five sweeps on scanning the skies. we are cold. temperatures coming in below average, 27 degrees now in to aberdeen. arnold 27. clarksville 25. a little bit on the gusty side yesterday afternoon in to the evening. those died down a bit and that's the good news as well. heading out and about, have the heavy coat. i will talk about the warm upcoming up. now a check of the traffic with angela. >>
the deep south and midwest. the storms killed 38 people alabama, georgia, indiana, kentucky ohio it is an extreme case of deja vu in northern alabama, 240 people were killed last april residents have spent the last 11 months recovering some homes rebuilt are in pieces again. >>> in indiana rescue teams are going door to door looking for survivors some towns have been completely wiped off the map. tucker barnes shows us the damage in the town of marysville. >> reporter: there is a new reality here in marysville indiana a town ravaged by friday's violent tornado outbreak. concrete slabs were homes used to be some just splintered shells. stunned homeowners are digging through what remains. >> you can't believe it until you see it with your eyes. it is heart breaking. >> reporter: this amateur video was shot friday. those who saw it say the funnel cloud moving east ward grew by the minute >> i couldn't even take cover it was mesmerizing and scary. >> reporter: storms cut a path of destruction across the hoosier state killing more than a dozen people. back in marysville the sound of
alive in a field after a tornado hit in indiana is mourning her death. 20-month-old angel babcock died after being taken off life support. >> angel has been reunited with her parents. we want to thank god for all of you for all the many thoughts and prayers you provided. god will bring you and all of us out of this. that is what it will take. >>> angel's parents and two young siblings died in that tornado. >>> well most of us give little -- get little if any sleep and all of us would love more. >> i think you are right. we are talking about sleep and how much you get. the two-ways health officials say you can get a better night's rest. >> they are trying to dig through debris from the tornadoes. the misery residents in the henryville indiana what they are facing. that's know after the -- snow after the tornado. >> and we are mainly clear and dry, but there are big changes coming up in the forecast. details coming up. >> reporter: and for the monday morning drive, the accident in anne arundel county has been cleared. what's on tap for the monday morning commute? no accidents on the majo
of several to hit ss far 40-people have died..... and tonightt craig boswell is in marysville indiana where this twister wiped it off the map. map. boswell on cam top:familles here in marysville are sharing survvvor stories, while neighboring communities are mourning those who werr lost. forever it ll happened in a matter of moments.there's a new reaaity... here in marysville, indiana.a town ravaged by friiay's violent tornndo's an unnerving scene --- concrete slabs, where homes áusedá to be.some, just splinnered shells.stunned homeowners are digging thrrugh what remains. berniece andrews says: "yyu can't believe it ntil you see it with your eyes - just heartbreaking - hope nobody's under this rubbll."this amateur video -- was ssoo friday in pekin, indiana.those who saw it say the giant ssemed to grow in size by the miiute.snede says: "i couldn't take my eyes off of it, i couldn't even take cover. it was mesmerizing and scary at the same time."storms cut hoosier sttte...killing more than a dozen people.back in marysville, the sound of chainsaws are echoing across thi
weather is hitting henryville, indiana after summer-like killer tornadoes tore through the area. abc's ginger zee is there. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. yesterday we flew over the tornadic annihilation. we've seen a lot of images like this on the ground. but to see it from above was something completely different. when you see all of the homes wiped from their foundation, you see the trees that have been snapped and plucked from that huge tornado, and really when you fly above it it gives you that width or that breadth that it covered, at times a half a mile, this ef 4 monster had winds of 175 miles per hour. and boy, could you see it from up there in that chopper. so we went over not only the town of pekan, where poor baby angel at this time we found was taken off life support. and that was that one family who now was altogether taken from that tornado. but in pekan the tornado then moves to henryville. from there to marysville, where one church stands alone. so many stories of lucky survival because this tornado was just a monster. ginger zee, abc
. this morning, we have the report in henryville indiana where residents now have another problem, snow. >> reporter: utility crews are working to get the light back on. thousands are still without power in the areas hardest hit by the tornadoes. at the high school, workers use heavy equipment to scoop up the wreckage. >> i want to be there. and i want, i want to be in my classes. i want to see my teachers and see my friends. >> reporter: school has been canceled for at least the rest of the week. just like the work crews and resident, volunteers are working overtime taking in donations and handing them out. >> it's going to take a longtime to rebill. there's a lot of hope here and we're going to get through it. >> reporter: a 15-month-old is the storm's latest victim. rescuers found her alone in an under infield, but she died two days -- in an indiana field, but she died two days later. the whole family was laid to rest monday in salem, indiana. >> just a nightmare. everybody is just traumatized and can't believe it happened. >> reporter: back in henryville, a red cross volunteer has r
and indiana. several states in the midwest were rocked by dozens of tornadoes friday. 39 people have been condition con -- confirmed dead, including 15-year-old angel babcock who was thrown into a field. medics rushed her to the hospital but she later died of her injuries. >>> on the west coast, people are a little on edge this evening after two earthquakes. officials say back-to-back earthquakes shook the san francisco bay area at 5:00 p.m. according to the u.s. geological survey, just seconds later, the area was rocked again by a 4-point magnitude tremor. there are no reports of injuries or damage. >>> this was the scene just a little while ago here in maryland. as you can see, snow flurryless. that's what was here on television hill. any more where that came from? let's go to meteorologist bernadette woods, tracking live doppler radar. >> reporter: we're going to go to live doppler radar. and things are calming down. first up, though, there was some light snow across southern maryland and lower parts of the eastern shore. at this point, all we're seeing, just a couple of flurries out t
tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from indiana, mr. donnelly, for five minutes. mr. donnelly: thank you, madam speaker. today i rise to pay tribute to john oliver, an outstanding american citizen who has shown commitment and service to his hometown of plymouth, indiana, our state, and our country. a native of new castle in the united kingdom, 50 years ago this month john immigrated to the united states, on march 19, 1962, when he was only 19. in 1975 he officially became a suns citizen. -- a united states citizen. he is a dear friend not only to me but people around the country and world. he began his journey in the manufacturing industry as a laborer for a small research and development firm. he moved to plymouth, indiana, to work for that company, ultimately becoming its president in 1977. nine years later john purchased the company and renamed it u.s. granules. which today produces 50% of the world's granular ue lated aluminum. with his -- granulated aluminum. with his leadership it remains a leader in technology and in quality and they have
for the latest. >> reporter: wayne jones is sifting through what's left of his henryville, indiana home. a tornado demolished this town, sending a school bus into a building, dropping a tractor trailer on a gas station and shearing the walls off homes. terry cuts went to insect the convenience store where she used to work. >> i don't see any possible way anybody could have survived in this. >> reporter: the tornado moved with such force, it blew the back wall off of the high school gym here. devastation like this stretches across the midwest and south. a shot from the air shows the storm's path through kentucky and the town the west liberty, the national guard joins state police serving for survivors. residents who got out alive aren't allowed to go home yet. >> the area has been declared martial law and we're asking everybody to stay out. you can see it's a very dangerous area. >> reporter: in ohio, a twister for up the town of moscow and at least one person died in alabama where the first storm started friday morning. in henryville, wayne jones is trying to stay positive. >> i have
lady antebellum is lending a voice to help a tornado-ravaged community in indiana. they will play a concert at a school. and schools across the country campaign on behalf of henryville high school. there you have it. that is what they're doing. [ singing ] >>> is he not the cutest? this 2-year-old is from canada. she loved to sing adele's song like you. her mom taped her sining it and posted it on "youtube." it has received more than a million hits since it was posted just two weeks ago. i would listen to her all morning. stay with us. if you're in the market for historic real estate, you don't have to travel very far. the properties in our city that are up for grabs. >>> a call for action. unarmed florida teen gunned down while visiting his father's community. we have details on that just ahead. >>> another live picture of the san diego zoo. we'll show you these penguins all morning long because they're too cute. we'll be right back. buying this juicer online was unbelievable. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new
. after tornadoes blew through henryville, indiana. before the twisters hit she immediately moved to protect her 5 and 8-year-old boys, covering them with a blanket to shield them from the debris. the wreckage hit her breaking seven ribs and -- actually pinned her under steel beams. but the worst wasn't over. a second twister was headed towards stephanie stanley. she covered her two children -- stephanie's family. she covered her two children once again. >> they are screaming, mama, i don't want to die. don't let me die. >> unable to remove the heavy debris the badly injured mother went on to help her children. stephanie survived in the hospital bed but both her legs had to be amputated. >>> time for a check of the forecast. lynette, the stories are heartbreaking but so many people will talk about, after going through a storm like that, having what they need, family and health. >> exactly. a good point to make. the bad thing about it, you have the tornado an then day after day you're still talking about the clean-up and what you've lost. like you said at least you have your fami
of the west. we are talking about a high tornado count indiana, supercells through kentucky. the tornado outbreak continuing over 50 reported twisters in the upper midwest and very damaging storms to say the least. 50 this evening as the rain moves in. we will talk about how things shape up saturday and sunday. the twist and change is coming up. >>> we contue to lead the way in offerings in baltimore. visit right now and check out our growing list of apps. you have access to the most accurate weather forecast, news and live streaming video in the palm of your hand. >>> to the developing story out of arundel, a jury indicted leopold, he is indicted on charges he misused his protection squad. leopold had officers drive him to parking lots, he would have them wait for him while he got in to another car to have sex with another county employee. leopold needed an officer to work overtime to prevent his girlfriends to run in to his live in partner. christian schaffer is talking to leopold and we will have more tonight on abc2 news at 11:00. >>> arundel count pli police solv
in a muddy field. angel baaccck initially indiana... she as discoveredd with her family ii a field.her sister all died.ssnday ... - little angel mee the same fate... after bbing taken off life support.her grandfather shared his grief before-hand. (("if i do get to see her, my pastor is going to go in with me and we're oing to pray and p'' going to tell that little girl, i'm goinn to tell her that it's ime for her to meet her mommy and daddy." (breaks d) down)))mmanwhile vollnteeers are sttpping u to help ssorm weathee service coofirms at least 42 tornadoessswept across 10 states on friday. chopper crashing nats nats a heliccpter doing a television shoot in arizona... loses controo... crrshing nose- ffrst into the ground.take a look attunbelievable video. witnesses say the engine failed... causing the chopper to plunge straight down. amazingly... no one was hurt. a oman in hawaii says she was hummliated... when was asked to prove her breast pump was real ttan airport. 3amy strand says she was flagged for additional &pscreening... because of her electric breest feediig pumm. she
of the most affected towns henryville indiana head to church. a place of worship that has been turned into shelter. the very latest for wjz. >> reporter: sunday services at churches across henryville were emotional. churchgoers wiped away tears and hugged one another. >> what we're hering is people who have lost -- hearing is people who have lost everything are showing up to help their friends and family. i don't think there's hope lost, there's hope renewed. >> reporter: nurse mitchell drove five hours from chicago to help. she went door to door checking on residents like june who says in the midst of the devastation she feels blessed. >> look around you, there's a lot left. there's a lot left. >> reporter: sheriff deputy lovelin delivered bottled water. he helped people take shelter at a building, now gone. >> i tell people, the church is not the building, it's the people. >> reporter: it's a sight repeated across the south and midwest including hard hit kentucky. >> this will be enough for me, thank you. >> reporter: lexler delivered food and water to workers in kentucky. >> i know
of that ef4 going down on henryville indiana leaving a waste land in its wake. school buss, thrown like fought balls. >> we were just trying to do our best to get every kid home before the thing hit >> reporter: the tornado green acted fast to get three children including his daughter off the bus and in a church basement. >> i could hear stuff and i could -- the stuff spinning in the air outside of the windows. >> reporter: west liberty kentucky a woman prayed that it the tornado would go away. >> take it away. >> my brother -- it came over the hill and you could see the funnel. >> reporter: her house was spared. so much of the town was not. in indiana little angel's mom, dad and two siblings died not far from the field where she was found, sadly she was taken off life support. in the rubble heartache and tears. >> broken hearts. >> reporter: victims hold to their faith and each other knowing the road to recovery will be a long one. larry jacobs. >> the website is your source for everything that happens in tornado alley. we have teams of storm chasers going after the stops and man
toniteáá... snow... covers left... by.../ brutal storms... in henryville,.../ indiana...///.áátwoáá tornadoes... hit the town,.../// ááincludingáá four,.../ ááwitháá winds.../ of... up to .../ 200 ááaáá... similar sight... across ten states.../ powerful systems.../ unleashed.../ 42... tornadoes.../ friday....//// áánearbyáá.../ an... entire family.../ of.../ 5.../ was killed....//// old... angel babcock,.../ - was.../ we've een through a lot, - can imagine. ore than anyone these towns ../ are... now focusing ..on áánationaláá - guard troops ... have beee deployyd.../ to... indiana and kentucky .../ áátoáá.../ assist... the areas... / &p harddst hit. an.../ astonishing.../ helicopter crash.. / caught ...on tape...///. tape...///..hopper crashing nats natswatch... as... the chopper... loses control.../ in... the... arizona desert,...// ááandáá.../ plummets... to the ground.../ áátheáá accident... occurred.../ during... a sh
's tornadoesshardest hht by last of the placcs ttis morning... one henryville indiana this orning... one of the places haaddst hit by ast the community of henryvvlle is coming togethee in an attempt tooggt past the pisaster. athena jones looks church steeple/amazing grace natswhy did this happenn i don't care. it did. at henryvilll community church in southern indiana, the focus is on healing...some of our folks could noo get in this have lost everything. many of pou have lost vehicles. ome 3 oo you slept in your garages last night... and the 80-member congregation in this small town is ggtting a lot of help from a disaster relief group and rdinary people.nnas of in...people elping load/unload, shouting orderri got here at 6am at dawn when they allowed us in and these guys were already here. they've had a couple semis that have come and have brought lots and lots of materials.from food and water to bedding and clothing -- phey've got it covered or faailies that lost everything in friday's storm.take whateverryou neee. we'll give you s much as you & &pshe'll get yyu more boxes if yo
. >> >> an indiana toddler that we told you about found alone in a field has passed away. angela backcock was taken off life support this afternoon. she died immediately after being taken off life support. all of her family, parents and two siblings were killed in the vicious tornadoes. the weekend death toll now stands at 38. . >> reporter: the pews at saint freezing rain sis xavier church packed for emotional services. parishioners wiped away tears and hugged each other. by day's end, the pews were flowing with donated clothing. smoking jims rolled out his barbecue -- >> a lot of times in these situations, people don't get any hot food. so we came to help. >> reporter: going door-to- door, checking on residents, who said in the midst of the devastation, she feels blessed. >> look around you, there is a lot left. >> reporter: a curfew remains in henryville interest 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 am. officials fear looting and want to keep people safe from things like downed power lines and gas leaks. the downtown area of west liberty, kentucky, off limits to most so crews could clear debris. paul ferguson's fa
. 38 people now confirmed dead and more still unaccounted for. kentucky and indiana were hit the hardest. susan mcguinness. >> we hope we haven't left any stone unturned at this point. >> reporter: they hope to get to their owner. >> that's the only picture we found of our family left. >> reporter: the tornado demolished the town, sending a school bus into a building, dropping a tractor trailer on a gas station and tearing the walls off of homes. >> some of the most intense and incredible damage i've ever seen. >> reporter: the tornado headed across the state line into eastern kentucky with a path of construction 52 miles long. classifying it as f 4. >> it's in the violent category most tornadoes never come near to. >> reporter: one survivor is at a louisville hospital. they found the 2 year old in a field near her home. in ohio a twister tore up the town of moscow and at least one died in alabama with the first storm starting friday morning. back in henryville long time resident wayne jones will have to start by finding a new place to live. in henryville, indiana. >> preside
. >>> children from henryville, indiana will be going back to school. >>> time for a check on the weather what is going on? >>> it's good that indiana is try for today. but back off in the west, there's a big plume of moisture. and the big plume will slide off in the east. and could reach us as we go into the weekend where we have the chance for more showers and thunderstorms. we zoom in around the carolinas and also virginia. that is what is popping up there. but closer to home, we're dealing with lots of fog. and that will be scenario as we go through the remainder of the morning and early afternoon. so visibility is reduced four miles in baltimore and dealing with one in a lot of spots this morning. so take it easy on the roadways. future trend picking up on a couple of isolated showers in the afternoon, especially if we get more sunshine a little early. and we'll do it all again as we go into thursday. hour by hour, it brings our temperature about 73 agrees by 4:00 p.m. -- degrees by 4:00 p.m. and speaking of the temperatures up, check out friday, 80 there with showers and thunderstorms on
last week. a southern indiana mother sacrificed both her legs while shielding her children from not one, ut two powerful tornadoes which home. drew douglas went to her hospital room for the first interview with the heroic mother. mother. "here's all that remains of the decker's home after the two tornadoes whipped thrrugh henryville. just before the devastation struck stephhnie decker put herself on the line for her kids. she grabbed a large comforter and wrapped them inside, and then rested herself on top of them, to shield them from all the debris." "i was reaching around holding them, and trying to keep everythiig away from them so it didn't hit them."the reckage that piled on stephanie broke seven of her ribs and almost completely sevvred both of her legs. "i had two steel beams on my legs, and i couldn't move. i was stuck."decker told her eight-year-old son dominic to make sure the coast was clear pefore getting help. stephanie's fear was confirmed. a second twister was headed right for her family. "and they're screaming, 'mommy i can't live pithoot you. i don't want
. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. áánationaláá guard troops ...have been deployed.../ to... indiana and kennucky .../ to... hell assist... the areas... hhrdest hit by violent storms. --storm nats- nats-39 people.../ are... dead.../// áásnowáá covers debris... left by.../ brutal storms... in henryville,.../ indiana...///.áátwoáá tornadoes... hittthe town,.../// ááincludinggá an... e-f...-four,.../ ááwitháá winds.../ of... up to .../ 200 mmles... per hour..../// ááaáá... siiilaa sight... across ten states.../ áwhereáá powerful systtms.../ unleashed.../ 42... tornadoes.../ friday....//// áánearbyááá../ an... entire family.../ of.../ 5.../ was killed....//// áásundayáá 14--onth old... angel babcock,.../ was.../ taken off... life support. -car screeching nats--- nats--- and this is not the way you want to start your morning commute. drivers were slipping and sliding onnblack ice in columbus, ohio. five car accidents were caught on tape in just thirty minutes... fortunately, no one was hurt. - 3 -
a tornado in indiana, sheltering them in hii mobile home.but it swept them away, ltimatell pilling all fiie, including 14-month-old angel babcock. miller urvived, but said he sawwdeath at his door."i put my arm kind of over angel and got her to get down, you know. i was liie down. i told her; i said, 'lay doww flat!' anddi just kind of reached y arms and said 'get in close! lay down flat!' that'sslike the only thing i rememmer saying, and i juut started praying."a mother in indiana successfully used her body to shield her two kids, but shh ended up losing one llg bove the knee and the other leg abovv the ankle."i was reaching around holding ttem, and trying to keep everything away from them so it didn't hit them.""i had in missourr gottsomething - precious back."an engagement &pring i gave my wife 10 years ago.""i was just kepp digging and digging until we got to where it was at. with all this sttff here. how do you find it?""i called her and she was senator mitch mcconnell says fema has started damage assessment in the hard-hit town of west liberty."we'll do everythhng weecan to try
on the minnesota twins. >>> new video this morning. this is coming from indiana. it's pretty incredible. many tornadoes hit the midwest including here. this is cell phone video taken. the national weather service says at least 42 tornadoes struck 10 states friday, the storms killed 40 people including 13 in the state of indiana. >>> 5:47. 34 degrees. we go to lynette with a check of the weather. >> good morning. we are still talking about the tornadoes. that's the thing, when you have severe weather, tornadoes, it doesn't hit once. you just have to deal with the clean-up when it hits over and over again. fortunately there's dry weather in those areas today but we are starting to see clouds stream in across that area. the fact is, we're not getting in on any of the unsettled weather. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day. where we have clear skies across the area, as of now. that will hold true even as we go into the afternoon. temperatures are a little on the cool side this morning. i'm going to say chilly, we're still above average. we should be 30 degrees for this
strike the midwest again. at least three people are dead in indiana, just days after tornadoes wiped entire communities off the map. wjz has first warning weather coverage. terrell brown reports with the latest on the devastation. >> reporter: meteorologists believe a tornado with 135-mile- an-hour winds caused this destruction. >> devastating. it's heartbreaking. i don't know what to tell you about it. >> reporter: it snapped signs and flipped trailers in the tennessee valley. tornado reports are also coming from chattanooga in southern indiana, where officials there are gone. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: rain cells and damaging winds pulled down trees and power lines. tens of thousands of people are without electricity. forecasters warn conditions are likely to get worse, especially after sunset. >> this is just going to be an unfolding event, unfortunately, for the rest of the day. i would say if you have to run an errand, go ahead and do it now. and make sure you're back within the next couple of hours. >> reporter: warm air from the gulf of mexico, colliding with low pressure fr
, indiana. what can you tell us? >> forecasters had been predicting heavy storms to come through henryville, indiana. what happened last night could never have been guessed. as we look at images here, you can see behind me, this used to be henryville high school. what is left of it is the middle school. the roof completely blown off. to the north, south, east, and west complete devastation here. the citizens of henryville, indiana, now left to pick up the pieces. >> it is hard. it is hard on everybody. everything is gone. everything is just gone. >> the forecast for southern indiana called for severe weather. what followed early friday evening could not have been predicted. >> we didn't think it would happen because tornado warnings come out all the time and never hit us. >> tornados ripped through leveling small farming communities. there were as many tornadoes in the last 24 hours than in the average month of march. the people here are shocked at how quickly the devastation happened. >> things are falling. thing are coming off the walls. noise crashes. glass is flying everywhere. it was l
: that was elaine quijano reporting. there are reports of a large it happened touches down in indiana, within the last hour. >>> first warning weather team is keeping a close eye on those violent storms. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking the weather. >> we have been watching these system not unprecedented that we have these types of storms. but this is really pretty early. because. types of temperatures we have been dealing with. this is early this morning. around 8:00, is where we start to see the storms fire up. they have been moving to the northwest, to alabama. to the northwest, up toward kentucky and tennessee. they're continuing to move up. and the next batch, as you've already seen, is starting to fire up this afternoon through the heat of the day. the key here is, we do have this next round. and our live doppler radar shows that the low driving this is starting to move over toward indianapolis. and up toward the great lakes. all of that energy is moving up to the east. and this firing line right around louisville, back toward na
. snow across indiana and closer to home a mixed bag. now say hello, to lynette charles with our check of the forecast and it's a mixed bag. >> right now we are looking pretty good and cold but we could see snow going into the morning and maybe into the afternoon mixing over with a little rain. so like charley said a mixed bag. so we look at maryland's most powerful radar and take you to the north where you see a little bit of snow showers but most of that is into western pennsylvania as of now. you can see the blue shading on there. that is a winter weather advisory. we still see more winter weather advisories the further to the south and west you go entering into west virginia and also into virginia at this time. we don't have any type of winter weather advisories. there is a chance as this system starts to slide off towards the east we could see snow showers going into the afternoon. but mainly right now, it looks like it could stay to the south or should stay to the south but not ruling out the possibility. temperatures are cold enough to support the snow in darlington and ellicott
here, apparently three dead in indiana again with this second round of storms. >> okay. crazy day. >>> still to come tonight something lighter, cats and dogs living together, say it isn't so. is that kitty giving a massage? >>> and up next. [ screaming ] >> you got a beautiful town here. >> the lorax may speak for the trees, but some environmental groups don't like what he has to say, more about the controversy coming up. >>> i'll not eat them in a house. i do not like them with a mouse. i do not like them here or there. i do not like them anywhere. i do not like green eggs and ham. >> you remember that, don't you? remember when jesse jackson did that on saturday night live? yes, i do. >> today would have been dr. seuss' 108th birthday and as has become tradition in u.s. schools, libraries and daycares, they honor the author every march 2nd with second read across america day. now this is the early childhood center, one of them in beltsville and folks are reading to head start and we're told cat in the hat, the infamous cat and the hat also made an appearance, too. >>> today a mo
of widespread damage. and seconds ago, three deaths are reported in indiana. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. terrell brown is in new market, alabama for the very latest. >> reporter: meteorologists believe it was a tornado that shredded these homes outside huntsville, alabama. >> devastating. it's heartbreaking. don't really know what to think, to tell you the truth about it. >> reporter: the first round of friday's wicked weather tore off roofs. meteorologists believe it was the work of at least two tornadoes. each with winds of around 130 miles per hour. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: from louisiana to ohio, from missouri to south carolina, golf ball-sized hail fell. and damaging winds pulled down trees and power lines. tens of thousands of people are without electricity. >> forecasters warn conditions are likely to get worse, especially after sunset. >> this is just going to be an unfolding event for the rest of the day. i would say if you have to run an errand, go ahead and do it now. and make sure you're back within the next couple of hours. >> reporter: warm air from th
. >> i'm ann curry. you're looking at a scene in henryville, indiana, where a blanket of snow now covers the damage from friday's deadly tornado over there. >> two inches fell overnight. it doesn't sound like a lot but it could weigh down damaged structures making the work for cleanup crews more dangerous. the tornado in henryville was the largest of as many as 79 twisters that hit the region on friday and saturday. meanwhile, the death toll rose on sunday when a 15-month-old girl who was found in a field after a tornado destroyed her home and killed her family was taken off life support. coming up, her neighbor who risked his life to try to save them all will speak out in a live interview. >> compelling story and a new wall street journal poll on the eve of super tuesday that could be good news for mitt romney. and then the tragic death of an 18-year-old girl killed in an accident moments after she texted from behind the wheel that driving and facebooking is not safe. her parents are turning the loss into a mission to save others. coming up, they will share their emotional story. >> als
the midwest and south. we'll hear from survivors in hard-hit kentucky and indiana. >>> president obama has a key meeting with the prime minister of israel and more with steve croft of "60 minutes" and his explosive cyber warfare investigation. >>> i am gayle king. rush limbaugh apologizes it a d.c. law student but the sponsors are still walking away. we'll talk to the man behind hbo's new film approximate sarah palin and the 2008 campaign. >>> i'm erica hill, george clooney, brad pitt and many more on stage for one night only. we'll also check in on prince harry's royal visit in the bahamas. >>> first, as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> i'm so heartbroken. i feel like i don't care anymore. >> a toddler found in a field becomes the latest victim of the tornado tragedy. >> 14-month-old angel babcock, a girl who became a symbol of hope died after being taken off life support. >> as residents across five states work to rebuild after an epic disaster. >> i work all my life to have what we have and it's all gone in 15 seconds. >>> th
zee starts the coverage in indiana. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, everyone. covered in a french two inches of snow, the twisted shredded town of henryville is difficult to see this morning. but look at the scene around me. i am actually in someone's living room. wait till you see the pictures we're about to show you. you'll get a sense of how frightening it was to be in the cross hairs of this tornado. >> oh, no, get back! >> mom, do we need to jump in the car? >> jump in the car! >> run. run. >> come on, get out, get out, get out! [ siren ] >> oh, my god. >> reporter: nature's fury caught on tape. >> back up! >> reporter: the monster tornadoes, part of a violent line of twisters that demolished towns in five state, killing at least 38 people. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: more than 100 tornado reports since friday. at least 42 confirmed. this one packing winds as high as 175 miles per hour. this ef-4 tornado did this to the town of marysville, indiana. the destruction we see from the ground is mind-numbing from above. oh. schools and homes annihilated. this house is
beginning to pick up the pieces in indiana and kentucky are now seeing snow and rain. 39 people have been killed across five states in the south and midwest. the latest victim is an indiana toddler who passed away after being taken off life support last night rescuers are looking for any more potential victims in rural areas many communities are working to restore cell phone service, electricity and internet service. >>> branches of the american red cross and our region have not been called in to help those tornado ravaged states yet but ready to go at any time so far red cross chapters closer to the effected states have been able to cope with the need for shelters but damage assessment teams are still analyzing what is needed there. one need is mental health workers. >>> a lot of the people that were hurt by this tornado, saw horrific images, you know, their houses might have been destroyed, people they know might have been killed or severely injured mental health workers from the red cross are available and talking with them. >> should our local red cross trucks and staff be needed they
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